Add Default Adzones to your Themes and Plugins.

It’s possible to preconfigure adzones to your themes and plugins. That way when a user has the WP PRO Advertising System activated and is using your theme or plugin the adzones will be created automatically and are ready to use immediately. Just add the following code anywhere you want to add an adzone.

 * Displays the adzone anywhere the code gets added. If the adzone does not exist it will be created automatically.
if ( has_filter( 'wpproads_api_display_adzone' ) ){
  echo apply_filters( 'wpproads_api_display_adzone', array(
    'name' => 'Your Theme unique Adzone name',
    'description' => 'Your adzone description',
    'size' => '300x250'


Param NameTypeDescription
nameString (required)A unique name for the adzone.
descriptionString (optional)Your adzone description.
sizeString (optional)the default adzone size. (300×250)
centerBool (optional)Do you want to hide empty adzones?
hide_emptyBool (optional)Do you want to hide the azone if empty?
rotationBool (optional)Rotate banners?
rotation_timeBool (optional)Time in seconds.
rotation_orderString (fixed|random) (optional)How do you want to load the banners?
fix_sizeBool (optional)Do you want to adjust the adzone height or make it a fixed height.