Visual Banner Creator – Overview

  1. Screen Sizes
  2. Add Layers
  3. Edit Layers

Screen Sizes

The screen size buttons allow you to preview your banner in different common used device screen sizes. If you click one of the screen size buttons you will see the view size adjusts and you can see if your banner looks good for that specific size. If not  you can make adjustments to the banner for the individual selected screen size. That way your banners will look perfect on all devices!

Add Layers

These buttons allow you to add specific layer items. Upload images, Text, Shapes, Icons, SVG objects. When clicking one of the option buttons a new layer item will be added to the preview and a new tab will be added to the timeline. These timeline tabs allow you to edit the layer items.

Edit Layers

The timeline has buttons for every layer item in the banner. You can drag them around to change the depth of the layer beside that you have a few more options here to edit the layer.

Timeline button options:

Hide layer while editing.

It will happen from time to time you need to edit a layer that’s located under another layer. This hide button allows you to hide a specific layer so you can access the ones you need.

Edit Layer.

This button opens the edit form where you find all the options you need to customize the layer.

Clone Layer.

This button will clone the selected layer (it will have the default layer settings).

Trash Layer.

This button will remove the selected layer.