Using the Template Tag

The “template tag” is the solution to add adzones to places on your website where you can’t use shortcodes or widgets. It allows you to hard code the adzone into your theme files on the exact location where you want the adzone to be.

To use the template tag first create the shortcode for your banner with all the options you like. Once you have the shortcode just copy and paste it into the template tag.

echo do_shortcode("add the shortcode here"); 

Note: The template tag requires some PHP knowledge. It has to be added into your theme files so if you don’t know how to add the template tag contact your theme developer, provide him the template tag and ask where it should be added to show the adzone where you want it to be.

Default Template Tag Example

 * id = {adzone_id}
echo do_shortcode("[wpproads id=123]");