Version 5.1+ of the plugin comes with a new and improved version of the advertising statistics. Faster and more detailed it makes the plugin, even more, exciting to use!

Note: If you update from a previous version lower then 5.1+ stats will be reset and start from zero. Make sure you export your stats before updating the plugin. Already updated and forgot to export your stats first? no worries stats are still stored in your database. Replace the plugin with a version prior to 5.1+ and your old stats will be visible again.

The statistics give you a very good view of the advertising activities on your website. Clicks and impressions can be saved including some specific user details like Browser, Device,  …

Stats have 2 main options:

  • ALL STATS – every impression/click on every page load for every banner.
  • UNIQUE STATS – every impression/click limited by user cookie every 24 hours.


Note: depending on your banners clicks/impressions could be different. If you (for example) use Google Adsense the plugin will not be able to register clicks and impressions. In that case, Google collects the stats for the banner and our plugin has no access to them. This will be the same for any externally hosted banners.

In order to save statistics, your banner must use the default link option provided by the advertising plugin and link masking must be turned ON.