smarTrack is currently in beta phase

smarTrack is a statistics add-on created with the WP Pro Advertising plugin API. It runs on its own next to WP Pro Advertising and collects very detailed statistics for your advertisements. Since WP Pro Advertising v5.2.6 smarTrack is included in the package you can download from Codecanyon.


smarTrack is a plugin on its own and needs to be activated separately. It will not get installed by default while installing the WP Pro Advertising plugin. Just find the folder in the add-ons folder from the main WP Pro Advertising folder you downloaded from Codecanyon and install it as a default WordPress Plugin.

Why use smarTrack?

smarTrack is our beta version for improved and more detailed banner statistics/performance. Because it’s in beta phase we created it as a separate add-on but in the future, we may include this code into the main plugin for the default statistics.

Main smarTrack features:

  • Very detailed statistics
    • user country
    • language
    • browser
    • platform
    • device
    • user agent
    • screen size (if available)
  • Banner Click Heatmap
  • Export stats to CSV