Mislead AD Blockers


If you don’t want adblockers to detect and hide your banners here are a few tips.

  1. Make sure none of your banners have anything that could give away it’s an advertisement. A common mistake is people upload a banner image with a filename like: banner.jpg, ad.jpg, 468×60.jpg.
  2. Change the default adzone class. The WP PRO Advertising System allows you to change the default adzone class “wppaszone”. It’s highly recommended to customize this adzone class from time to time to make sure ad blockers don’t get to familiar with the name. The adzone class can be adjusted under AD Dashboard -> General Settings -> Adzone Class.

Show Alert

If you would like to notice people they are running an ad blocker you can use the following code. Just paste this in your themes functions.php file:

 * AD Blockers Detection
function adblock_detected( $adblock_action = array() ) 
	// Do something.
	$adblock_action = array( 'alert' => 'Busted! You are using AD Blocker!');
	return $adblock_action;
add_filter('wp_pro_ads_adblock_detected', 'adblock_detected');