1. Create Banner

To create a banner open the Banner Creator in the left menu and click New banner.

In the “Banner Settings” start by giving your banner a name and select the banner size. To create your banner move to the next “Banner Editor” tab. Make sure you click the save button (top right) to save your banner.


2. Add Banner to Website

Once your banner is ready you can add it to your website. To do so move to the next “Export” tab andĀ get the shortcode (you can edit the shortcode to add specific display options for your banner). Once you have the shortcode just paste it anywhere you want to show the banner.



Banners can be grouped togetherĀ into rotating adzones. To do so go back to the main Banner Creator page (click the “banner creator” button in the left menu). Under your banners, you will see the adzones. If you have adzones you can just drag&drop your banners into it.