Add banners to website

1. [shortcode]

The best way to show your banners and adzones is to use the shortcode. You can find the shortcode on the banners/adzone page under the “Export” tab. Just copy the shortcode and paste it anywhere you want to show the ad. (Note: If your shortcode is showing as plain text it means that the place you added the shortcode is not able to render shortcodes. In that case, you can use the template tag or add the ad using the iframe option)

2. Widgets

If your theme has widget areas you can add the shortcode into a text widget.



3. Template Tag

If you want to use an ad zone in a specific place on your website but your theme does not have any widgets in that area you can use the Template tag. Just copy and paste the function into your website template, there where you want to show the banners.

4. Iframe Tag

The Iframe tag allows you to export ad zones to other websites. This way you can manage ad zones on 1 site but have them displayed on multiple websites at the same time.