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Add Padding to Banners

Sometimes it will happen that you need to add some extra padding/margin to your adzones/banners.

Rotating Banners

To rotate banners you need to link them to an adzone (see the banner info page for more info).

Using the Template Tag

The "template tag" is the solution to add adzones to places on your website where you can't use s

Create Background Ads

NOTE: Background ads are not yet available for banners created with the Visual Banner Creator. &

Pre defined display options

The plugin comes with several predefined display options for your adzones like popups, backgroun

Add banners to website

Contents Post tag Widgets Template tag Iframe tag 1. The best way to show y

Place ad zones next to each other

By default, ad zones will be placed under each other. The following example shows how to add the

Increasing the WordPress Memory Limit

To address memory limit issues, there are two options: Adjust it yourself Contact your ho

Mislead AD Blockers

Tips If you don't want adblockers to detect and hide your banners here are a few tips. Ma

How to sell AD Spots

Settings Create an ADzone Settings First of all, go to the AD Dashboard. Scroll dow

Add Google AdSense Banners

Adding Google AdSense banners to your website is very easy using the WP PRO Advertising plugin.

Banner Display Options

Add banners to all posts, pages or any custom post types automatically is very simple and can be

Mailchimp newsletter ads

To insert the ads in Mailchimp newsletters you will need to load the adzone RSS and use the follo