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Banners are gone after update

No, Your banners are still there. We just removed the link in the side menu. The reason for that

No statistics

Q: Impressions are counted but clicks are not. A: You will most likely be using an external ad

Conflict Detection

Sometimes it happens that another plugin (or theme) has a script that conflicts with the advertis

WP Engine - Banners not rotating

If you are using WP Engine and you want to load a random banner on every page refresh you may onl


If some pages of the plugin are not loading correctly you may want to turn on WP Debug mode tempo

Cannot login into helpdesk

If you try to login into our helpdesk and get the notice "Only Clients Can Register" while your

Very high impressions

Strange/wrong/very high or unknown impressions/clicks are usually caused by bots/robots crawling

Helpdesk notification emails do not work

If you do not receive email notifications from our helpdesk they will most likely get blocked by